pbar2000 Program

 This event is Closed. This page remains for historical value only.

Note: In the table below, speaker links are to transparencies and title links are to papers (where available).

Table of Contents and Foreword for the published Proceedings

  Thursday August 3 duration  
8:00 Late registration and continental breakfast
Session I (D. Kaplan, IIT, chair)   Hyperon Physics and CP Violation - Theory
9:00 D. Kaplan, IIT 0:20 Opening Remarks
9:20 D. Chang, NTHU 0:40 Challenges in Hyperon Decays
10:00 G. Valencia, ISU 0:40 Hyperon CP Violation
10:40 Coffee break 0:30  
Session II (C. White, IIT, chair)   Hyperon Physics and CP Violation - Experiment
11:10 D. Hertzog, UIUC 0:40 Studying CP Violation in pbar-p -> Hyperon-Antihyperon
11:50 E. Swallow, Elmhurst 0:40 Hyperon Beta Decay Review
12:30 Lunch break 1:30  
Session III (N. Solomey, IIT, chair)   Resonance and Charmonium Studies
14:00 K. Seth, NWU 0:40 Charmonium: Experiment
14:40 U. Wiedner, Uppsala 0:40 Light-Quark Spectroscopy with pbar-p Annihilation
15:20 P. Page, LANL 0:30 Multi-GeV Gluonic Mesons
15:50 Coffee break 0:20  
Session IV (K. Seth, NU, chair)   New Machines
16:10 W. Henning, Dir., GSI
GSI Plans for an Antiproton Facility
16:40 G. Jackson, Fermilab 0:30 Accelerator Possibilities at Fermilab
17:10 W. Chou, FNAL 0:30 Fermilab Proton Driver Design Study
17:40 End of session
18:30 Leave for banquet at the Parthenon    
Friday August 4    
8:30 Continental breakfast
Session V (H. Rubin, IIT, chair)   Trapped pbars
9:00 M. Holzscheiter, LANL 0:40 Physics with Trapped pbars
9:40 T. Phillips, Duke 0:40 An Antihydrogen Interferometer for Measuring Antimatter Gravity
10:20 Coffee break 0:30  
Session VI   Working Groups
10:50 0:20 Organization of working groups
11:10 Parallel working groups 1:20
12:30 Lunch break 1:30  
Session VII   Working Groups
14:00 Parallel working groups 1:30 D. Bugg: Using pbar-p to Study s-channel Resonances
15:30 Coffee break 0:30  
Session VIII   Working Groups
16:00 Parallel working groups 1:30
17:30 Break for dinner    
Saturday August 5    
8:30 Continental breakfast
Session IX   Summaries
9:00 Working-group summaries 1:30 Group A: CP Violation/Hyperon Beta Decay
Group B: ccbar/Nuclear/Light Quark Hadron Spect.
10:30 Coffee break 0:30  
Session X   Summaries
11:00 Working-group summaries
Workshop Discussion
1:30 Group D: Very Low Energy Physics
Group E: Machine and Target Design and Cost
12:30 End of Workshop    

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