The Center for Accelerator and Particle Physics (CAPP)  provides a locus for interdisciplinary activities at Illinois Institute of Technology with a program to further research in Elementary Particle Physics, to develop new accelerator technologies, and to provide education and outreach both to educational institutions and the wider business, philanthropic, and general public sectors. Although based at IIT, CAPP will impact the Chicago area and northern Illinois as well. It serves as a base to coordinate the activities of a group of IIT faculty, graduate students, and staff from a number of departments involved in several projects. In addition, CAPP facilitates a substantial increase in cooperation with other Universities in the area and with Fermilab by acting as the founding and host organization for ICAR, the Illinois Consortium for Accelerator Research.

CAPP offers an organizational structure within which various working groups may combine their resources to enhance the overall mission. As it matures it will provide

  • Support for visiting scientists engaged in accelerator design and construction as well as high-energy physics research
  • Electronic and mechanical design and fabrication services and facilities
  • Computing resources
  • Seminar and distance-learning facilities
  • Administrative and secretarial services
  • Research report and proposal preparation facilities